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All the documentation on how it works and the customers who use the EYESEE solution in their warehouse.

EYESEE Solution is composed of: 

  • EYESEE Drone, an autonomous drone equipped with 3 complete barcodes acquisition modules, integrating an HD camera and obstacle avoidance behaviours to guarantee the safety of the warehouse operators.
EYESEE Drone, un drone autonome équipé de 3 modules complets d'acquisition de codes-barres complets, intégrant des détecteurs d’obstacles pour garantir la sécurité des opérateurs de l’entrepôt.
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  • EYYESEE Tablet, a tablet application to supervise the inventories (mission execution, real time video feedback, security mechanisms...).

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  • EYESEE Cloud, a powerful software to manage mapping, data processing, reporting & drone fleet management.


You want to learn more about how it works in a logistics environment? 
You can find below a set of resources to answer all your questions: 


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