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What are the benefits for our customers?

The EYESEE solution allows industrial and logistics companies to gain operational efficiency during inventory operations.

In warehouses, inventories require significant material and human resources. They involve renting scissor lifts and stopping the activity so that operators can scan all the elements making up the stock one by one: pallets, boxes, items.

The EYESEE drone inventory solution offers many advantages:
  • On average, a location is scanned every 7 seconds with EYESEE compared to 60 to 90 seconds manually. With EYESEE, multiply by 10 the efficiency of your inventory activities

  • With EYESEE, one person can carry out the inventory, no need for scissor lifts. You reduce material, human and financial resources

  • The EYESEE solution allows you to obtain accurate stock data with photos and to anticipate stock shortages.

  • Manual inventories can require the closure of the warehouse for several days. The EYESEE inventory drone allows the cohabitation with the staff dedicated to order preparation and thus allows to maintain the activity during the inventories.

  • With the EYESEE logistics drone, eliminate the risks caused by working at height during inventory operations and improve safety in warehouses.

  • Thanks to reliable stock inventories, you increase customer satisfaction with orders that are compliant and shipped on time.

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